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My Dog won’t eat !

Tips on How to Handle Picky Eaters

A picky eater is a pet who in the absence of illness, lacks interest or decides not to eat the food given.

Your dog could be picky for the following reasons:

1 Irregular feeding times

2. Feeding a lot of treats.

3. Inability to adjust to change in dog food.

4. Stress (absence of a loved one, change in family schedule etc.

5. Prefer Tastier foods.

6. Stomach upset


Stop giving table scraps or Treats even if they cry or beg

Put your dog on a feeding schedule, allow them to eact for short periods of time like twice a day and they will learn to eat on your schedule

Help your pet to be comfortable in their environment, place their food and water bowls out of the way of heavy household foot traffic.

And If your pet refuses to eat for more than two days, see your Veterinarian.

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