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Help Your Puppy Grow Into a Great Dog – Best Pet Training Tips
If you want to train your puppy into a great dog here are some tips to follow

Choosing the Name

The first and most important thing is choose the right name. you might be inclined to give it a very cute, cuddly name but it is generally noticed that the stronger names that use more consonant than vowel like jasper, brat or jack is more beneficial rather than choosing the names that use vowel like Johnny, Tommy or Jacky. In fact if the name ends with a consonant instead of vowel the puppies will be able to recognize a sense of urgency or promptness. One more thing to remember is to change its name if it has been in an abusive condition earlier. It will help it to forget his problematic past.

His Own Den

It is also advisable to offer it a den that is completely private. You should make sure that when he should retire he should know where to go. May people do not have a particular place where the puppies should go to sleep or relax. That will spoil his habit and even when he will grow up as a dog he would still live the same disoriented life. So you should make sure that it is fully aware of where to go for sleep or to relax.

Respond To His Name

You should also train your dog to come to you whenever he is called. You can g for a daily exercise. Call his name and once he comes to you reward it with some eatable or toy. It will give it an impression that responding to its name is rewarding, so he will be mindful of the same even in the adulthood.

Reward It for the Good Conduct

The studies show that if you reward it every time he shows a positive behavior, it will turn it into a good boy. So whether he has greeted your guest in a positive manner or followed the potty manners you should thank it by rewarding with some kind of eatable, caressing, playing games etc.


It is also important to socialize in the early years. Like human beings dogs too have a personality and it is shaped early in the childhood. If you will not socialize it in the childhood it will be difficult for it to respond to social satiations in the adulthood as well. Whether a guest visits you or an old friend comes for a get together, male sure to introduce it to them. Do not introduce it only also introduce the guest to it too. It will inculcate the inquisitive feeling in puppies and that will surely help them to socialize as an adult.

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